​Sharing how CouchPetatoArt started.....

​It was following a very sad time in my life.  The year 2014 through end of 2015 I experienced One loss after another too close.  My Yorkie "Amber from a crippling disease from Arthritis that we had to let go. And then following my Father from Alzheimers/Dementia Disease he went through all the stages that everyone who knows, or wants to know can learn about on www.endalz.org.  All I will say is it is a heartbreaking disease that progresses and you lose memory of the things you once loved.  My father loved his dog and wouldn't go from one room to another without.  We didn't know how he was going to manage if he had to be in 24 hour care without his dog.  But as the stages progressed he forgot more then just his dog.

​I had a hard time with it, felt helpless as I lived out of state. I did have the opportunity to care for him for 2 full weeks in my home one Mother's Day in 2014.  And I will cherish that visit, as that is when both our dogs got to meet each other and now...both my Amber and my Dad are in Heaven peacefully together.

​We adopted Charmin as a pup to hopefully help distract Amber from her pain. It just wasn't enough of a home remedy.  So that is how he came into our family.  He soon took my pain away though as he was very entertaining to me from the couch. As I spent many days not wanting to go anywhere.  He would hang over the couch watching me.  I began snapping cell phone images of him, but so many were just a blur as he didn't stay still like puppies always are.

​This is when the idea of painting on top of the images began and I called it CouchPetatoArt. ( I learned later it is called Digital Art Mixed Media painting). I shared with family and friends on my facebook page and asked if I could paint for practice their pet.  My little sister suggested doing this on Instagram. Saying that there is more pet lovers that share on Instagram.  So I hesitated for awhile then decided to give it a try.  Reason I hesitated was I wasn't sure it was a safe secure site.  I am so glad that I took the risk and that is when I really got some practice at the same time felt like I was volunteering sharing kindness and joy to people I painted for.

​By 2016 I made the decision to share outside Instagram by promoting some as models on a gift shop and website.  Still offering my art for free, and only a small % of royalty for gifts sold. Example: $100 sale the gift company makes profit. I only take in aprox. $12 after 8 hours of painting and designing on multiple items. But I didn't mind, in fact it's not about making the sale, and more about promoting my friends, and sharing. 

I truly enjoy what I am doing it is all art to me. And art has always been my passion. But I do see a lot of companies selling pet art and I know my father is saying, "Cheryl, why are you not treating it like a real business and accepting commissions for you artwork?" 

​Now 2017 making changes for you Dad & Amber! I will offer my art for sale outside of just being a model in my gift shop. I am also interested in setting up some donations to various charities.  My plan is to set up a few select gifts, that have my art of a model who wants to represent a chosen charity. 

​Thanks to all my Models and Friends

​Love you all,



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When you lose loved ones​

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By C.C.

How CouchPetatoArt began and where I am taking it today now the year of 2017